Ben Phillips

Why infrastructure needs its own exchange

Whether you are discussing gross market inefficiencies or huge potential benefits, the infrastructure industry needs a new friend, says Prof Ian Reeves CBE. There is no doubt in my mind that the need for an exchange is more obvious than ever and the time is absolutely right. The answers come into clear focus when you...
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Data efficiency is coming – ready or not.

Look at any city skyline and what familiar shape will you see? Cranes. Big cranes, of all kinds and colours denoting scores of different owners and operators. Imagine now if there was only one owner operator and that was Google, or even Tesla. The world and its industries have been reinvented by the collection and...
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Blacktop Stopgap

Heavy Goods Vehicles are like traffic wardens. We all understand they are necessary but very few people actually like them. But the simple fact of the matter is that the big fellers are an absolutely vital part of the distribution chain anywhere but most acutely in the UK where freight movement by rail is only...
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Same old congestion, new approach?

Tedious congestion is projected for years to come, but will our infrastructure supply be about to change? asks economics student and EIX business development assistant Tomás Clarke. As a Londoner, I have been using the capital’s transport infrastructure my whole life and as a result I feel a great responsibility to find multiple ways of...
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10 reasons why insurance companies should be excited about infrastructure as an asset class

Bridges and tunnels have not traditionally enjoyed a reputation for being the raciest of asset classes, more boring brickwork than beautiful bridesmaid. Yet, there can be no doubt that infrastructure as an asset class is mushrooming on the back of interest from smaller and medium-sized investments, rather than it seems, the mastodon of insurers and...
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Why can’t we raise London’s Airports from Soviet Planning?

By Professor Michael Mainelli Consider these: 788, 786, 783, 769, 766.  No, not Boeing airplane numbers, these are the ratings of the top five cities in the 24th Global Financial Centres Index (September 2018), New York City, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai.  London has lost its top ranking, and three Asian centres are now...
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Can 2018 show the way ahead for infrastructure activity?

There is light, we are told, at the end of a long and winding tunnel for infrastructure in the UK if the Government supports it. At a time when the upper echelons of the UK Government are side tracked by the Gordian Knot presented by Brexit and impressive sideshows like collapsing High Street retailers, infrastructure...
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If you want good infrastructure, you need a long horizon. The trouble is, it is increasingly obvious that the attention span and thus behaviour of investors around the world is getting nearer to a quick fix than a long-term solution. And, as we all know, infrastructure is about as long-term as investment gets. The annual...
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