What is a Pilot?

To raise debt through EIX, Project Sponsors are required to work with a corporate or financial advisory firm. We refer to these as Pilots.

Pilots guide Project Sponsors through the process of preparing a project for debt funding and ensure the fundraising requirements set out in the Disclosure Rules are met.

Project Sponsors may choose any firm that meets the eligibility requirements to be a Pilot. Project Sponsors appoint Pilots directly and commercial terms are agreed between the two parties.

Pilot Requirements

To become a Pilot, firms must be authorised by the FCA in the UK to arrange deals in investments.

As a general rule, Pilots should also have a track record of structuring estates and infrastructure projects and arranging Project Bonds that were either privately placed or listed on a Recognised Investment Exchange (RIE).

Firms that meet these criteria may apply to become a Pilot.

Pilot Application

The process to become a Pilot is simple and cost-free. There are four steps:

  1. Review and agree Pilot Rules. Pilots should be comfortable with the responsibilities set out.
  2. Review and understand the Disclosure Rules. Pilots should be comfortable with the Primary Market funding process as set out. This is a standardised process that must be followed for all debt raises,  regardless of sector, geography or size of the debt.
  3. Complete and submit a Pilot Application Form. This form covers information on the Pilot firm.
  4. Complete and submit a Qualified Executive Application Form. This form should be completed for each named transaction lead.

Once an application is approved, Pilots are provided with a dedicated Account Manager.


If you would like to speak to us about becoming a Pilot or are a Project Sponsor and wish to be directed to an EIX Pilot, please contact Tom Godfrey – Pilot Partnerships Director or email pilots@eix.global.