The strength of EIX comes from the diversity of its investors. These cover a range of Investor types from different geographies including pension funds, wealth funds, private banks and private family offices.


Investors are provided with:

  • Direct investment in newly issued Project Bonds through the Primary Market
  • Direct investment in existing Project Bonds through the Secondary Market
  • A Trading Venue on which to list and sell down stakes in privately held Project Bonds
  • Pricing data on individual Project Bonds and categories of Project Bonds (such as renewables) to enable objective valuation

The Trading Venue is made possible by the comprehensive standards and processes put in place. These standards and processes are designed to ensure all Project Bonds are structured consistently and due diligence is completed to the highest standards.

Standards and processes are codified in our Investor Rules and Disclosure Rules. All participants sign up to these rules and compliance with them is monitored by third parties.

Investment Strategies

Investors use the Primary and Secondary Markets to facilitate a range of investment strategies to:

  • Further diversify multi-asset portfolios by adding Project Bond positions
  • Create diversified debt portfolios by acquiring partial stakes across multiple Project Bonds
  • Exit privately held Project Bonds and release funds
  • Invoke the regulatory changes set out in Solvency II that now allow regulatory capital to be held as bonds, not just cash
  • Reprofile assets in order to mirror changes in liabilities
  • Provide currency hedges by acquiring fixed, long-term coupon streams
  • Provide inflation hedges by acquiring inflation-linked, long-term coupon streams

Who can be a investor?

Only firms that have applied and been accepted as investors may participate on the Primary and Secondary markets.

Investors must be authorised as an investment firm or credit institution in the European Economic Area (European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). All investors need to understand and comply with the Investor Rules.

Firms that meet these criteria may apply to become an investor. Firms authorised in other jurisdictions or non-authorised firms may also apply in certain circumstances – please contact the Team for details.


If you would like to speak to us about becoming an investor, please contact Judith Wheelan – Investor Partnerships Director on 020 7397 2910 or email