Estates and Infrastructure Exchange® (EIX) is the world’s first infrastructure trading platform, creating a bridge between billions of underinvested capital and thousands of globally unfunded projects.

EIX works with local and national governments, landowners, universities, energy and transport companies and more to package and fund major development, regeneration and construction projects as bonds. The exchange matches these with professional investors, offering them the ability to buy and sell infrastructure bonds on a risk-adjusted basis.

The projects on EIX will now be available as liquid tradeable debt and equity style instruments. This will ensure the project owners receive the capital at the best price and investors will receive a constant supply of opportunities so they can build a portfolio according to their risk appetite.

Our Services


Simplify your funding

EIX’s single offering process dramatically speeds up the funding lifecycle with most projects funded on average between three and six months.


Bid with confidence

EIX allows investors to diversify across project bonds and build portfolios to create specific risk profiles, asset focus or geographical coverage.


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    To paraphrase the ex-US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s infamously clumsy yet relevant description of situational analysis, there are known knowns, known unknowns but it’s the unknown unknowns that really get you. The occasional creation of white elephants is an inevitable part of infrastructure building, but the key question is, can we mitigate the possibility of...
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