Estates and Infrastructure Data

“Our mission is to transform diverse and complex data to support accurate intelligent decision making”

The role of Estates and Infrastructure Data (E&ID) is to support the infrastructure bond market by the capture and transformation of asset related data throughout the life-cycle of an infrastructure project. This in turn helps reduce pricing risk. Access to performance related data will provide project Issuers and Investors transparency and avoid potential underfunding or possible completion delays.

It is evident that the value of construction data across the industry is still in its infancy and therefore a huge gap in the market exists. Estates and Infrastructure Data has recognised the need for tools that will address this issue.

The Challenge

Today, it is recognised that investment in existing infrastructure is substantially greater than investment in new infrastructure development. In the UK new infrastructure represents less than 0.5% per annum of total expenditure in the sector. The key concerns are therefore to maximise values from existing infrastructure.

Due to the complexity of the construction industry, the process of data and information management is a major challenge. Data is often siloed within enterprise systems such as design management, risk management and procurement processes with little interoperability between them. This challenge grows in magnitude when considering the difficulty of infrastructure projects.

Construction projects produce a vast amount of data. Due to the lack of common data governance and frameworks in use, the process of managing the data can be overwhelming and can manifest itself into manual and ad-hoc processes that are inefficient in nature and provide little to no validation or quality control checks. Furthermore, without clear governance, data is often stored in inaccessible locations.

All of the issues above highlight that there is little transparency overall in the industry and little to no evaluation or peer performance review possible, specifically when considering that data should determine the outcome of investment and procurement decisions.

Estates and Infrastructure Data looks to address these challenges by bringing together specific industry data sets and has created a new, unique and bespoke application.

VIEW is a new Web application bringing together the tools required to support accurate and intelligent decision making….. in one place.

  • Transparency across the Infrastructure and Construction Industries
  • Valuable insight on the sector from a unique perspective
  • Visual representation of European infrastructure procurement

Click here to download our information sheet on VIEW or contact the team on the details below.

The Team

Peter Jarman FRSA AMICEData Director

Peter is an industry leading construction professional with over 25 years’ experience, most recently as Construction Superintendent on Crossrail (Elizabeth Line) at Paddington station. Earlier in his career he pioneered methods that delivered efficiency and health and safety improvements whilst overseeing the upgrade of eight tube stations for London Underground.

Peter is also a fellow the RSA, admitted for his innovative work with charities using music and photography.

Using his unique knowledge and insight of construction industry, along with his passion for data and analytics makes him the ideal person to lead the charge on digital transformation in infrastructure.

Trudy Evans – Operations Director

With a career spanning over two decades in the Financial sector, Trudy has held a number of senior roles – predominately with Thomson Reuters covering both Asset and Investment Management and latterly with Refinitiv, where she held the position of Head of Governance Risk and Compliance Sales.

A Business Honours Graduate, she has also worked within Procurement functions at BGI, BlackRock, RBS and as Head of European Market Data Operations at HSBC.


If you would like to learn more about Estates and Infrastructure Data, please contact the team on 020 7397 2909 or email