Steve McDowell

Where has all the infrastructure money gone?

The money involved in infrastructure is staggering, so why is so much of it unspent and uninvested, asks EIX’s Steve McDowell.   Nothing is small in infrastructure investment and that includes the sums of money involved – they just don’t get any bigger. Everyone involved in the infrastructure industry, from the nuts and bolts man...
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Streamline infrastructure building by ‘involving the public’.

The answer to continuous and disruptive change in infrastructure decision making is to involve the public – says a report from the Institute for Government. The short-termist nature of politics and the long horizons of infrastructure planning and construction are incompatible and require a publicly accountable body to see them through, it says. National infrastructure...
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EIX joins quiet applause for Government’s ‘Industrial Strategy’

While it appears there was nothing in the way of new specific projects in the promised White Paper, it was heartening to see the word Infrastructure written large in the Government’s thinking. Designed to pull together ideas to increase UK productivity the 255-page document outlined five key areas in which the country needs to improve....
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How can we get insurers to pay for the new Britain?

With a stroke of a pen the Government could get insurance companies to pay for the regeneration of Britain and fill the massive funding gap in infrastructure investment. We need to spend billions on our housing, transport, energy supply, telecommunications and education, but government, quite simply does not have the money. All it needs to...
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